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The Rockdale Muncipal Development District is studying the feasibility of improving recreational facilities in the community including attracting a YMCA to Rockdale.  Approximately 80 residents met with Municipal Development District Board members and Williamson County YMCA officials on February 27, 2011 to discuss the process for bringing a YMCA to Rockdale.

The Board has adopted a Letter of Intent to partner with the City of Rockdale, the Rockdale Hospital District, and the the Rockdale Independent School District in exploring the need for, and the feasibility of, jointly forming a YMCA in Rockdale.  The Letter of Intent does not commit any of the entities to fund a YMCA or any study expenses.

A Rockdale-YMCA Partnership Committee has been formed.  The following persons have been appointed to the committee:
Rockdale Independent School District-Lin Perry and Rebecca King
Rockdale Memorial Hospital District-Terry Browning and Dr. John Weed
Rockdale City Council-Melody Dawson and Doug Calame
Rockdale Municipal Development District-Elaine Gerren, Georgia Richards and Gary Griesbach

The Williamson County YMCA will be represented by Jeff Andresen and Jim Boles.